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Choose a suitable training program today! Training isn’t just important to a company, it is vital. Looking at the evolution of security awareness training, the regulations and protocols are more complex than ever. Top Cat Computers is here to develop a security-focused culture in your organisation.


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Call us, chat to us or fill in the form and one of our friendly staff will assist you in choosing a training program. For general inquiries please phone:

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Tom and Ann have provided outstanding service to me and my company for over 15 years. Now with Prats on their team, they have grown to new heights. Our IT needs are extremely well looked after by the team at TopCat. Our transition to working from home was completely seamless because of the preemptive work they have done for us over the past six months, allowing my business to run seamlessly and securely.
Bert Dugdale

Authorised Representative , RI Advice Alderley

Employee Training Program

Employee training is important in so many ways. It improves employee engagement and increases employee retention. It also has a positive impact in promoting a culture of efficiency, innovation, productivity and improvement. Our professional trainers can help you arrange a Employee Training Program.

Email Security

Ask our experts about the best email security tools available in the industry and their reliability. Learn tips and tricks on how to identify fake emails. Exciting quizzes during training programs will strengthen your knowledge.


Become trained on how to be vigilant about phone/email scammers. Learn tips and tricks to outwit a scammer. We helped our customers who were scammed and provided appropriate advice and support throughout.

Protect yourself, get scam smart today!

Password Security

Obtain tips from our friendly IT professionals on better password security. We can also help you with setting up a password manager and train you on how to use it.

SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams

We can help you to set up your SharePoint team sites to enable easy collaboration for your team members, along with Microsoft Teams.

Enquire now to set up SharePoint online and/or Microsoft Teams.

Basic Computer Training

Need some help understanding computer operations? Our technicians can help you become a little more computer-literate. We can help you build your confidence when using a computer system. This training includes basic file management, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint knowledge.

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