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COVID-19 (coronavirus) has changed the way we work and play. Some of these changes will remain when the storm has passed. Working from home may become the new reality. After determining your requirements, we can advise you of the best tools available to enable remote access to your network. We are dedicated to help our customers to set up work from home or help them work remotely with our services.

Australia is continuing to closely monitor the outbreak of (COVID-19) coronavirus . As a part of business continuity planning, you or your employer may choose to work from home. Top Cat Computers can help!

By accessing your computers remotely and seeing the same screen you do, our experienced technical IT support technicians can help you access your work computer from home –  all you need is an Internet connection.


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Download Team Viewer

Download TeamViewer

TeamViewer allows a person on a remote computer to view and interact securely with your computer and vice versa. TeamViewer is compatible with computers and mobile phones.

We can help you to setup TeamViewer with your personal password.

SharePoint is a fully featured tool that in its most basic form provides a way to share and store files like a file server. Whether you are a small business, large enterprise or Government, SharePoint facilitates teamwork and enables your team to communicate, work remotely and productively.

We can help you to develop a customised SharePoint setup and provide ongoing support.

Chrome Remote desktop is a remote desktop tool, which allows a user to set up a computer for remote access or remote support with a minimum 6-digit PIN.

With the help of Chrome Remote Desktop, you can access your work computer anytime. It is available for Windows, OS X, Chrome OS, Linux and mobile phones.

Contact us for information about two factor (2FA), two step verification, multi factor authentication (MFA).

Use Remote Desktop on your Windows 10 Pro PC to connect another Windows 10 Pro PC anytime.

We can help you set up your Windows 10 Pro PC to allow remote connections and use Remote Desktop to connect to a remote Windows 10 Pro PC.

Troubles running remote desktop programs on Mac?

Whether an end user is running Windows or Mac, our support technicians can set up remote access for you.

With Remote Support for iOS we can also help you set up your computer to view the screen of your iPhone or iPad.

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