Whether you’ve just got a shiny new machine from Top Cat, or you have an existing machine that is doing just fine, you will find an increase in usefulness and productivity with the addition of some computer peripherals. Whether it’s adding a bigger screen to your desktop or simply adding a Bluetooth mouse to your netbook, peripherals can make your life easier and your computer time more productive.


Printers are handy at home, but for small and large business they are essential! Printers range from budget bubble jet models with low cost ink cartridges right up to large laser printers that can print large volumes of documents in mere minutes. There are also models that specialise in photographic reproduction, something very useful considering the number of digital cameras and smart phones in use. Top Cat also supplies a range of multifunction units that can do everything from document scanning to printing onto printable CDs and DVDs!

Modems and Routers

RouterWhether you are needing to link an office full of computers, or you’re just wanting to connect to the Internet at home, Top Cat has a networking device to suit. With a wide range of makes and models, we can provide a device to receive a broadband connection, create a wired network, generate a wireless network, or all of the above. We’ve also got a range of accessories such as networking cables and high gain wireless antennas to improve signal strength.


MonitorsMonitors (computer screens) are your window into the online world, so getting a good quality one is an important addition to your setup. Whether you are looking for a simple screen for surfing the Internet, or you need a high resolution cinema screen for design or gaming, Top Cat has you covered. Many notebook and netbook users have a second screen that they leave at home or work that allows for additional real estate space when working with a smaller computer. Many desktop machines also have provision for a second or even third screen to create the ultimate computing

Keyboards and Mice

KeyboardGetting a high quality keyboard and mouse that suits your hands is paramount for a comfortable and enjoyable computing experience—especially for those who spend long periods or all day at work on the computer. Keyboards and mice come is all different shapes and styles, with most models these days being wireless (either wifi or Bluetooth) that create a cable and clutter-free workspace. Many of our keyboard and mouse packages feature additional features such as audio controls on the keyboard and extra navigation buttons on the mouse.


USBHubTop Cat has a wide variety of accessories to suit your desktop, notebook or netbook computer. Products such as USB port hubs, camera card readers, HDMI cables, portable hard drives, webcams, USB drives, camera cards, and more. If you are looking for something in particular or just need some advice on the best product for your requirements, send us an online enquiry on our contact page.

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