Managed Service Provider can connect to your systems remotely from anywhere at any time.

NO Lock-In Contract.


Break down your IT costs into fixed monthly payments, as opposed to the large capital expenditures that come with managing systems in-house.

System Centralization

Coordinating the association’s vision from the best takes into consideration a smooth execution of its procedures.

Efficiency and Security

We follow stringent safety and data management to provide robust backup and recovery systems, making them much more capable of protecting your data.

We can provide a suitable plan to match your organisation requirements.

We understand your requirements and recommend the best IT Managed Service Plan to suit your organisation.

Moving to Cloud Services

Cloud has become the primary location for businesses to store data; most have moved even their applications to cloud platforms, and many of those businesses that have their data on-premise today are soon planning to migrate to cloud.

Cloud services has helped many organisations manage their businesses efficiently during COVID-19. Are you willing to move to the Cloud? Ask our experienced IT Team for cloud solutions today!

Cyber Security and Business Continuity Plan

Security should be a concern for each employee of an organisation. One effective way to educate employees on the importance of security is a Cyber Security Policy that explains everyone’s responsibility for protecting IT systems. We can help you develop and document a Cyber Security Policy along with Cyber Incident Response Plan.

A Business Continuity Plan outlines relevant procedures to restore critical business functions in the event of a disaster. Our experienced team can help you towards building a Business Continuity Plan for your organisation after assessing your current cyber security. Ask for a quote today.

Malware Mitigation and Reporting

Malware disrupts operations, steals sensitive information, allows unauthorised access to system resources, creates problems connecting to networks and can also result in frequent freezing or crashing.

This can be prevented when you install an anti-virus program that updates automatically and runs regular scans. We provide a managed anti-virus and a monthly monitoring report, which helps you keep track of malware activity on your system.

Information Management System

We provide a centralised location to manage and access any important information with our Information Management System.

  • Great asset Management tool
  • Store User Information (login details)
  • Co-ordination, control, analysis and visualisation of information in one place
  • Secured with 2FA

Mail Security

We advise using a technology that can inspect incoming emails with malicious links/attachments and secure outbound traffic to protect users from cyber-attacks.

We can provide robust email security that contains layers of security measures, including effective security intelligence across your entire architecture.

Microsoft SharePoint and Apps

SharePoint is document management and collaboration tool developed by Microsoft. SharePoint works for all sorts of tasks, but document management is its greatest strength.

By understanding your business operations, we can assist you in migrating data from your current information management program to SharePoint. We can help you build a solid SharePoint structure and provide staff training as required.


We offer different training programs to match your requirements. Get latest information about the IT Industry/Malware and get to learn more from our qualified and professionals trainers. Learn how to use SharePoint, be safe on the internet, get scam-smart and much more. Explore our different training programs below.

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Backups help ensure that regardless of your current security strategy, you have secure and clean data to keep your business running in the case of data loss, a hack or even a natural disaster.

Get affordable backup services to help you avoid backup catastrophes. We provide a wide range of back up facilities tailored to suit you and also a Data Loss Prevention plan to keep your data safe.

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