We will provide you with the right advice and the right equipment to suit your exact requirements, whether you’re a small business, a large corporation or you just need a computer at home to check your emails and surf the Internet. With a large range of options, Top Cat can supply stock standard computer hardware products from some of the world’s biggest names in computers, or we can even build a fully customised system built and configured to your specifications.

Custom Built Systems

Custom Built SystemsCustom computers are built on-site to meet or exceed particular standards. Custom built machines have a distinct advantage for customers who want particular parts or components installed, especially if the machine is being used by a power user or as a server. Custom machines can also be built to suit any budget, saving money for those who don’t need a super powerful machine, but also allows high-end customisation for those who need something more powerful than is available off-the-shelf. Customised computers are normally built as desktop machines, however some customisations can also be made to notebook computers if required.

Desktop Computers

Desktop ComputersDesktop computers are normally more powerful and economical than their notebook and netbook counterparts. The additional room within the desktop tower allows for larger components, additional interfaces and also upgrades such as additional RAM or multiple hard drives. Desktop systems range from semi-compact tower cases right up to oversized towers that can be fitted with many different internal components or can be used to build an on-site server. Desktop computers also have the advantage of choosing a screen type and size that suits the user, plus a wide range of mouse and keyboard combinations.

Notebook Computers

Notebook ComputersNotebooks (or Laptop computers as they used to be called) are the ultimate balance between power and portability. Many high-end notebooks give their desktop counterparts a run for their money, while still being light enough to carry and transport between different locations. Notebooks are complete with screen, keyboard and trackpad, however many users also like to include a second screen and an external keyboard and mouse for when they’re working at home or in the office. Most modern notebooks are Wifi and Bluetooth ready, and some are even SIM Card ready for a truly portable computing experience.

Ultra Books

UltraBooksUltrabooks are a new category of notebook computers that seek to fill the gap between lightweight laptops and tablets. These little computers look similar to their Notebook big brothers, but take a closer look and you’ll see these little computers are lighter to carry and have much better battery life without sacrificing performance!

System Upgrades

System UpgradesMaybe you’ve already got a desktop or notebook computer that is doing okay, but could do with a bit of reinvigorating. System upgrades allow existing hardware to be brought up-to-date via additional or replacement RAM, larger and faster hard drives, the addition of a new solid state hard drive, a new graphics or audio card, or many other possible upgrades. Often if most of the computer is working okay, an upgrade can be an extremely cost effective way to make a big difference in the performance and capacity of your machine.

Second Hand Computers and Parts

Second Hand Computers and PartsIf you are just a basic user or you really don’t need the latest and greatest, you can save a lot of hard earned cash by using second hand computers and parts. Technology moves at such a fast rate that a computer that is only a couple of years old can be deemed as ‘out-of-date’. The good news is most machines in this category are still quite adequate for use (especially if you don’t need bucket loads of computing grunt) and will save you some cash. Sometimes people have a big powerful main computer but need a second machine for their spouse or kids to use, and a pre-loved machine is a cost-effective solution. School and uni students on a budget will also find this an attractive option to assist them in their studies

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