We will provide you with the right advice and the right equipment to suit your exact requirements, whether you’re a small business, a large corporation or you just need a computer at home to check your emails and surf the Internet. With a large range of options, Top Cat can supply stock standard computer hardware products from some of the world’s biggest names in computers, or we can even build a fully customised system built and configured to your specifications.

Custom Built Systems

We build systems to suit your requirements. Custom built machines have a distinct advantage for customers who want particular parts or components installed, especially if the machine is being used by a power user or as a server. We can build a system to suit your budget, optimize the games you love. We advise our customers with latest and reliable technology.

Desktop Computers

 Desktops are the big kids on the block. The traditional tower case, mini-tower and horizontal ‘form factor’ models offer a roomy case with an easily accessible interior. Some common desktop types are Tower PCs, Compact PCs (NUC) and All-In-One. Top Cat Computers helps customers get a reliable and fast PC with the latest technology available.


Laptops/Notebooks are the ultimate balance between power and portability combined with all features of a PC. Most modern notebooks are WIFI and Bluetooth ready. Notebooks are convenient while travelling. We can help you choose and set up a notebook as per your needs for Business/Personal use, Gaming. We also supply laptop bags, sleeves and notebook accessories. If your current device is not Windows 11 compatible, we can advise, suggest and help.

System Upgrades

System upgrades allow existing hardware to be brought up-to-date via addition or replacement of components i.e. NVMe SSD’s, latest Gen CPU, DDR4 RAM, 2.5 inch solid state drives, graphics/audio/Wifi card, or other upgrade options that in return provides a faster and reliable PC/Laptop. An upgrade can be an extremely cost effective way to make a big difference in the performance and capacity of your machine.

Refurbished Computers and Parts

A refurbished PC or laptop is supposed to work and be functional just like a new laptop would. The only difference is that the refurbished PC/laptop has more years on it. Top Cat ensures that refurbished equipment is properly tested and upgraded to solid state drives before sale to customers. All our refurbished equipment comes with a one-year warranty and we help our customers trasnfer data/applications from their old system to new system in the buy.

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