Windows 11 is coming for Christmas!

Windows 11 Upgrade is it Free? You can get a free upgrade when it rolls out, if your current Windows 10 system meets the minimum requirements to run Windows 11.

Windows 10 will continue after the Windows 11 roll out.

Microsoft has revealed Windows 11 including its new user interface, new Microsoft Store,  its focus on Gaming/Entertainment, and much more in their Microsoft Windows 11 Live Stream Event.

Check out Microsoft Windows 11 LiveStream Event on this link

 If your current Windows device is not Windows 11 compatible and you wish to upgrade your hardware, PC, Laptop to achieve Windows 11 compatibility we can advise, suggest and help.  

Contact Top Cat Computers today if you are missing a requirement and/or need an assessment of your current Windows device. We are offering an upgrade kit to make your PC Windows 11 compatible before its official release.

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